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term in the Master Credit Agreement. Any term used in this Agreement (including in the recitals hereto) that is defined by reference to any other agreement shall continue to have the meaning specified in such agreement, whether or not such agreement remains in effect. In addition, as 2.3 Conditional Term Sheet “Conditional Term Sheet” means a contractual agreement between the United States Department of Transportation (“DOT”) and TxDOT by which DOT reserves TIFIA funding for a specific project and commits to providing Federal credit assistance to that project at a future point in Track and Systems Contract Term Sheet DRAFT 5/9/2019 Agreement No.: HSR[ ] Track and Systems Contract Term Sheet INDUSTRY DRAFT – May 9, 2019 . This document provides background information and summarizes certain terms in the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s draft contract to be included in the Request for Proposals (RFP) for TURBINE SUPPLY AGREEMENT TERM SHEET Background The purpose of this non-binding Term Sheet (“Term Sheet”) is to set forth the terms upon which the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (“MTC”) will transfer ownership to a purchaser (the “Purchaser”) of the Turbine Equipment, as set forth in Exhibit “B” of HVAC Service Agreement. Tenant shall be obligated to maintain the interior of the Premises. Alterations : Tenant may, from time to time during the term of the Lease, make interior, non­structural alterations to the Premises and alter the exterior appearance of the Premises with the prior

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• Application based on sell-side pro-forma financial plan TIFIA optimized • TIFIA JPO conducts risk assessment • Conditional TIFIA Term Sheet and substantially complete form of Credit Agreement to be provided to Proposers with RFP • Proposers will negotiate open terms directly with TIFIA JPO and provide: – NRSRO Rating Indication Letter Jul 10, 2017 · TIFIA loans speed up West Coast freeway, transit expansions ... The long-term, low-interest TIFIA loans are available for qualifying projects with an identifiable repayment stream. ... Seattle’s ...

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Conditional term sheet means a contractual agreement between the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the project sponsor (and the lender, if applicable) by which the DOT reserves TIFIA funding for a specific project and commits to providing Federal credit assistance to that project at a future point in time upon satisfaction of ... A Term sheet is a document that outlines the terms by which an investor (angel or venture capital investor) will make a financial investment in a business. It is a non-binding document, in that once it's executed, it is used to guide the preparation of the final investment agreement.

The term sheet is a contractual agreement between the USDOT and the borrower that sets forth certain business terms and conditions of TIFIA credit assistance for the project. The USDOT's issuance of this document triggers the USDOT's obligation (i.e., legal commitment) of budget authority, but no disbursements are made. 63 The term sheet should define the timeline and process from the date of signing the term sheet to the closing date, as well as the conditions for closing, including due diligence. Most angel term sheets include some basic confidentiality obligations (especially if the proposed investors have not signed a non-disclosure agreement ). Service plus TIFIA Mandatory Debt Service of at least 1.00x in all years. Releases from the RURA can be included for purposes of the calculation of this debt service coverage ratio. 1 Capitalized terms referenced herein and not defined in the Agreement have the meaning given in the Indicative TIFIA Term Sheet.

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Availability Payments The FAST Act codifies the DOT practice of allowing payments made by a State pursuant to a long-term concession agreement, such as availability payments, for a highway project being delivered as a publicprivate partnership to be eligible for Federal-aid reimbursement where the State has advance construction authorization ...